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The worst FIFA to date?

Where to begin... 

After conceding a goal: 

As the defending FIFA team I don't want to watch the opponents goal 3x over, if I choose to skip as the defending team then the overly annoying replay I don't want to see, that can last over 30 seconds, should be skipped. Why has this not been sorted, if they want to watch it 3x over the let them but let me play on! Or have them save the tap in from 2 yards to watch as many times as the like. Same goes for the celebration... 

Pausing the game: 

Why can an opponent pause the game during ridiculous times... Its a whole 40 seconds to wait, usually I have strict time limits and things to do (currently on a leave of absence), people can pause the game twice in one go as well! as if once isn't annoying and at any other stage too, can be waiting over 70 seconds due to someone pausing the football game what a joke... 


If you are 20-0 up and you are disconnected in the 89th minute, you lose the game. Where on earth does that seem fair, surely ATLEAST a split result should be calculated... some sort of fair calculation system, or where the statistics are used to predict a fair outcome. I've beaten people due to them disconnecting and felt like I didn't deserve a win what so ever, the other player must have been raging! 

Why am I getting disconnected in the first place when I have stable super fast fibre optic broadband, are your servers that rubbish?! And half the time I don't even get disconnected its like I'm booted out of the game for being ahead. And can join another game instantly. 


When defending and you change player, why does the defender sometimes begin his run in the opposite direction to where you are clearly pushing the analogue stick, or obviously want him to go, where is the slight guidance FIFA is supposed to provide? 

Goalkeepers... I've scored and conceded some shocking goals with the goalkeeper doing something totally ridiculous. Why are they going mental? What's wrong with your coding! I'm paying for this game and its below par. 

Fouls, I understand football is known for divers and cheats, but when playing FIFA I've seen some brilliant tackles that are given as free kicks. My keeper came out of goal today claimed the ball the player then fell over and got a penalty... this makes me want to smash something up, I lost the game 2-1. And was statistically better everywhere. Even slide tackles that take the ball cleanly and then the player falls over and well guess what foul... 

Off the ball collisions AKA dam right obstruction! This happens way to many times to even place an example. Just another awful design to the game. 

Changing player via 2 player, this has been driving me insane mostly on co-op seasons, I change player and it gives me the player my friend is or vice versa. Or it just randomly changed my player for me without me pressing the button when I'm clearly tracking the run of a player or positioning him in a better defensive area. 

Passing to yourself... there's 2 people playing. 

After winning/losing an online game i want to skip the cut scenes at the end, not waste more time when i could be playing... give me the option! 


Going into games and showing the same team for both sides when its clearly not. 

Getting no coins for winning matches or losing (just rubs it in a bit more). 

This is just what I can remember off the top of my head in one raging blast, feel free to comment or add some more. 

Wont be paying for another FIFA game until these points are corrected. Not a happy customer.


Comment:The worst FIFA to date?

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