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After playing many Fifa games

People blame the script in this game. I have finally found out there probably is no script.


However, it is something just as bad as if the game was scripted. It is called engine lag.


I recently moved in with my girlfriend. I used to have a 100 mbit connection and would usually win a title every two days in D1. Now at the new place the connection is 30 mbit. In theory this should be enough. However it is not.


But it just aint. After playing many Fifa games I have come to see the HUGE difference that is the connection you have.


However, just because you have a worse connection , your players should not be robbed of their abilities. The whole time I am running through mud, the passes are going to the wrong player, the first touch seems like you received a 50 kilo ball and the keeper is now even slower to react.


Problem is, lag should be just lag, the game would run slower but your players should be equal to your opponents and play the same way. Instead, they are not. All these engines EA have put in the next gen Fifa are colliding with eachother. They are not in SYNC anymore.


Now, while 30mbit i should be a fair enough connection to play a game like Fifa. It is absolutely not. I feel sorry for people who are frustrated of this game and dont realize what is happening.


The difference between 100 mbit and 30 mbit is enormous in this game, although it should be not, and if your game lags, that should be it and should not affect your player movement, skills and reactions.


Yes, I know, it is all a conspiracy. But I am 100% I am right.


Comment:After playing many Fifa games