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An Automated FIFA Market?

Have been playing the fantasy mode of MLB: The Show on PS4 since early April. In that time, a lot of us on the Operations Sports boards have noticed strange market behavior, for example this guy:


"OK, I've been messing around with cards and prices, and I'm firmly convinced that the system is automated to keep people from forcing artificial supply and demand.


I bought every single copy of David Ortiz available (I've tried this out multiple times on multiple days), and within less than two minutes of my purchases, the market is re-flooded with 20 copies available at a variety of prices, leveling off at the same price he was before I bought him up.


I've tried the reverse with selling. I buy up every copy of a card available (like Fenway Park), then instantly sell them to everybody who has a request out, clearing out the list of potential buyers. Again, within two minutes, the sell list is completely repopulated with various bids leveling off at the same high bid as before I got into it. Makes me think that the vast majority of buy/sell options are actually the company's servers automating the market.


I've spent over 1,000,000 stubs just trying to f*ck around with the market, but I think they've gone to great measures to block behavior like mine. As one last example - I'll take a card that sells for, say, 300 stubs, and which has no buy orders. I'll put a copy up for sale for one stub, and the card is bought before I can even go back to the team page (gone less than five seconds after posting the price). This instant buy-up happens every time. There is no way these buy-ups aren't automated.


There go my dreams of using my vast electronic wealth to screw with the company."


My question is would such a system benefit Fifa Ultimate Team for the majority of players in the same way as price bands did by keeping player costs within a certain range?


Comment:An Automated FIFA Market?