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Analyse of my opponents and stats from each fifa game

To relax between seasons I decided to make a review of each succesful title defense I do and analyse my opponents and their play style and their teams. Last season I played mainly against park the bus teams and the history repeat itself but with some nice exceptions.


This was the first game and I won. The guy parked it hard and used Doumbia Seria A team. The possesion stat is misleading because when I took 3-1 lead he went all in and kept some possesion to even the things. He scored in 89 minute and got me worried but luckily I managed to close the game. The key for my winning was that I took the lead 2-0 then he made it 2-1. It is important to approach this games calmly and to be solid in defense because if your opponents manage to score first you can be prepared for some frustrating moments.


This guy used 451 all italian IF team with Ibarbo infront (it was very strange). He parked it earlier but a long shot from Messi and then a calm attack that was finished by Suarez really frustrated him. He tried to attack and regain some possesion but he couldnt creatte chances. All game it was lobbing to Ibarbo. Twice he managed to do it but his finishing was really off. He scored when I was 3 up but it was an easy game. Again the fact that I scored twice to take the lead got the pressure off me and his strategy failed badly.


I played badly and even thou I dominated possesion I was lucky to grab the draw after an amazing long shot by Messi . I missed to win the game but even thou the guy was playing defense and parking the bus he was good in attack. His team was also good Lewandowski/Ribery/Robben. I even msged him after the game asking him why he chose to play park the bus when he was a good player in attack.


This game was abomination. The fact the guy had the nerve to call himself Tiki Taka team was very funny. I managed to score twice early so I am not sure if he intended to park the bus I just did not give him the chance. but he was lobbing it all day long but failed badly. Those guys are really easy to beat if you get the lead. A


After this game i was very confident that I will win the title in my next game I did not take a screenshot because I was raging hard. I took a 2:0 lead against a Messi/Robben/Neymar team and was cruising to victory. I missed a lot of chances but I understimated his Messi.. He pulled one goal at 70 minute and then another one at 85 mark.. I was so frustrated I went all in missed a chance and then with robben he outran my backs and blasted it near post. To make the night worse he hit me one more time after I tried grabbing the draw. Overall he was decent in attack but had around 40 possesion. If it was not for his Messi/Robben I would have beat him easily but high rated players can make even bad players decent.




After that loss I was again in a hole. I had to win 5 in a row to win the title a bad situation to be in.. This guy tried to play decent football but I scored 3 goals easily and he left at half time. He had a good bpl squad but his defense was bad




Another park the bus squad . I was confident I will win because I was dominating them in my last games. He had a very good CR7 team but he was very frustrated. As before when i took the 2:0 lead I started playing some slow possesion football to frustrate him even further. I was not time wasting but I was picking my passes and his nerves did not hold. he started blasting long shots all day long but nothing happened.


Another Ibarbo squad and again 451 . He tried to park the bus but he was a bad defender once I started calmly dribbling I took the lead. The guy had no idea what to do from there. He did not even record a shot on goal and had 40 possesion. Raged quit when I made it 3:0


Another awful player. I scored from Kick off I did not dribble his team but dribbled past 2 players and blasted a long shot with messi that went in. I wasnt sure if he wanted to park the bus but he got nervous after that goal and went attacking. I made it 3:0 by the 20th minute and then he paused.. I said good he is quitting but no he sbustituted Modric and put Alba and went 5212 with Messi/Bale/Suarez ... It was extremly strange deicision.... But it kinda worked for him he was parking it and hitting me on the counters and managed to pull one goal. When I made it 4:1 he rage quitted instantly.


I needed only a draw but it is never a good idea to play for one. Before the game I was that my opponent had a guest. I had some doubts if I should continue because I was nervous someone playing with guests in Div 1 can be quite good. Usually its easy to beat guess teams because of their suspect defense . I played the game and he domianted the first 15 minutes with high pressure and overloading my team with attackers. Luckily I hit him one a counter. After that he started leaving more space and when I made it 3:0 . Props for the guys that they continued to play. I made it 7:0 and then they scored twice in the final minutes which pissed me off a little .


From 10 games played 6 or 7 were park the bus lob games but I had much fun with them because once you know how to beat them they are very easy to toy with. in the second half ot the season I started playing very good especially in my last 2 games mainly because I watched some games of Jukez and learnt a few things.


I used 4231 and so far have won the title 4 times in 7 seasons with that formation.


P.S Just noticed that I am ranked 700th on PS 4.


Comment:Analyse of my opponents and stats from each fifa game