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Before you curse EA

My short view on the problem.


Before I begin........

Cool story bro.... Yea, it is thank you.

Another thread about this? Yea, it is thank you.

Wasting forum space? Absolutely I am.


The problem really is that people are too damn greedy and ALWAYS find a way to cheat/scam/abuse etc. think it about it, why did we lose trade offers? Because people couldn't stop bid bumping! Why did we lose WebApp? Because Autobuyers went viral and tooooo many people had them running all day long. Then we lose free market, why? Because fifa coin glitches were absurdly over pricing cards....not to mention making coin farm shops rich in the process...and that brought us to what we call 15mil cards...which ultimately led to the FIFA 15 phenomenon of EXTINCT cards. EA try to fix it with price ranges, genuine effort I must say, but of course PEOPLE got greedy, and started hoarding in the hopes EA would adjust prices upward. Then we experience hours....days.....WEEKS of extinct cards.


It seems the problem, although AS MUCH as it KILLLS me to say this, is not all EA Sports. Yes they have their biggest fault in the fact that they can't create a un-hackable/glitchable game, but the greedy community is responsible for all the inconveniences we experience today on FIFA.


Comment:Before you curse EA