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Could my TV be the FIFA cause?

Hello there fellow Fifa players. I have been playing the Fifa series ever since 1996, so I consider myself a pretty decent player. A few years ago I discovered the only seasons, and I really loved it!!!

But from the beginning, I noticed that I always had a small disadvantage. The biggest problem was (and this is) that my players always seem to be reacting very slow, in all sorts of different aspects of the game:

- defenders turning slower than a bus

- attackers make their runs too late

- getting back in position after going into attack

- even my GK seems worse than my opponent's


All these things could be seen as input delay.


Over the years I have spent countless hours on the internet searching for a solution for my problems. This is what I've tried so far:

- changing consoles

- changing profiles

- turn UPnP off/on

- open the required ports for online gaming/put console in DMZ in my router

- changed ISP

- only connecting my console to my modem


There are some more things I've tried with my network, pretty much everything I found online. But nothing ever made a difference.


2 weeks ago I stumbled upon a topic about the input lag being caused by the TV itself. Due to the processes going on in the back, the TV might take some time to translate your input (button press) to the screen. If you search the internet, you can find several websites where they test different TV models on their input delay. And it seems there is a very big difference. There are TV's with as little as 6ms input delay, going up to more than 100ms.


What do you guys think? Could this be the main cause of my problems? I have a Sony Bravia purchased in 2008. The best thing to do when your input lag is high, is to put your TV in "Game Mode", but the model I have doesn't have that option.


Comment:Could my TV be the FIFA cause?