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Dear EA... FIFA 16 Request

Hello EA...


I have had a lot of trouble contacting someone form EA, so I figure this is as good a place as any to make a HUGE request that I know I am not the only one hoping for in the next installment of your fantastic series.


When it comes to EA sports games, my favorite thing about them is your connected career from your Madden and NCAA Football series. I am asking that you PLEASE add this mode into the FIFA series. I can imagine playing my career mode with friends and competing against them for Champions Cup spots and International Manager Positions. We Can be from different leagues or the same it doesn't matter. We can compete for transfers and Domestic Cups as well. I know something like this is possible and I'm sure you have thought about it. I just hope that you decide to do it now rather than later. Pro Clubs is something my friends and I play religiously, and we always say that connected careers would be the thing that puts this game over the top.


I know I am just one person, and I know that this letter alone won't make a difference, but I just wanted to give you an idea as to what the fans of your series want. I hope you listen to us and make this happen


Comment:Dear EA... FIFA 16 Request