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Every Card in FUT should be an "In-Form"

So I been completely out of the loop until last night when I fired up FIFA for the first time in 2 weeks and noticed the new system to prevent coin selling. Im fine with it, other than the fact that my team lost over 1.2 Million fifa 15 coins in value as a result!


They need to find a way to compensate everyone for their loss but I know they wont because EA dont care about that.




Why dont they just make every card an "in-form" card? not in the traditional sense, but more like they do for regular online matches? I guess the more accurate term would be "current form?" let me explain...


Every player in FUT will have a fluctuating overall rating based on how well he's performed over the past 7 days. hell, they could even make it a monthly system if they wanted to. So today, your Hazard might be a 89 or 90 ovr, but next week, he might drop to an 86 if he has a couple bad outings. Current form would drive market prices just as they do in real life.


The values will fluctuate accordingly and it would make FUT more interesting because you might snag a 76 ovr player (base rating) but by the end of FUT, he might be an 80 ovr and become a key part of your club.


EA could keep their price range system in place and even adjust it according to the player's current form to allow for some cushion. Hazard goes up to a 90 overall? no problem, just expand his price ceiling by an additional 200k or whatever.


You can still do TOTS and TOTY and MOTM cards that have a fixed OVR rating so you never lose value and the incentive to buy packs is still there, but for the regular cards, I think it would be fun if a high rated silver player was suddenly bumped up into gold player territory because he's been on fire in real life.


I'm pretty sure there's already a system in place that's similar in h2h mode, right? isn't called live seasons or something? I can't recall because I don't ever play it, but I think you know what I'm talking about.


Seeing this applied to FUT would be a lot of fun, imo.


Comment:Every Card in FUT should be an "In-Form"