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FIFA 15 (co-op) Seasons - What I/we HATE

Hi EA FIFA community, FIFA 15 is a great game, but it can really bug people, so I'm going to tell you what is the most annoying thing ever in the seasons / co-op seasons feature of the game.


1) People ALWAYS want to win, but the fact is that you won't always win. So people decide to always choose the most OP team and sweat off the best players, such as Ronaldo, Van Persia etc. Let's say you want to have a nice decent game, maybe as a average team such as Tottenham Hotspurs or Birmingham City, and it always says something like "we are matching you up with someone with equal stats" blah blah blah. OHHHH what happens? BOOM Real Madrid, Barcelona or a team with completely higher stats. WHAT?


2) Okay, say you're in a game, you're someone such as Liverpool and you're against Real Madrid (great matchmaking? no) and you are blatantly going to lose or you're already losing 2-0 or something. Yet the opponent (real madrid) insist on making the most rubbish and non-skilled goals in the world, what I call "* Passing", commonly known as a Sweaty goal, when you're one on one with the keeper and as soon as the keeper is in front of you, you decided to pass it to a team mate to instantly score a goal, instead of being brave and having a shot (maybe even try a lob) to certainly get a goal, even when you're up by a good margin.


3) Not skipping - The most ANNONYING thing is not skipping your goal, no matter how rubbish it is. You score from a penalty (OMG THAT SO NEEDS 3 DIFFERENT REPLIES BECAUSE IT WAS SUCH AN EPIC GOAL), no it's just pathetic and time wasting. Especially sweaty goals are the worst, as they think they are great goals when they are for non-skilled people who have nothing better to do then perform rubbish goals, when they could try good goals, no matter the goal.

Don't get me wrong though, the game is a great game, and yes it's full of bugs and faults which is blatently obvious fouls which annoy the hell out of you. But it's still great to play. If the community players didn't have so many 'Try-hards' with people who do these (above), then everyone will enjoy themselves, then feeling that if they lose this match, they're gong to throw there console out the window (trust me, it happens)


And before jumping to conclusions, I'm not bad at the game, this is a perspective of someone who is trying to have fun with gaming and not becoming MLG or anything like that on the game. So people let's stop with these rubbish goals, OP teams and skip the replays. No one wants to be full of anger when games are meant to be fun. But for now, happy gaming everyone! If you have something you're angry at aswell, make sure to comment on it below. RookHavoc out!


Comment:FIFA 15 (co-op) Seasons - What I/we HATE

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