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FIFA 15 Long passing mechanism

Does anyone have an idea how long passes work? Like when you make a 60 yard LB + Y pass what stats are calculated? Longpassing, Vision? Crossing?

Im trying to understand why lobbed balls are so much more accurate than ground through balls.

Like even my IF david silva struggles hard to making a good ground through ball.

The best i can come up with is that defenders respond better to through balls, hence why they are harder to succed with. On the other side, usually if a through ball passes the defenders it will be too hard and the gk will rush out and get the ball.

Now if you compare it to lobbed trough balls, they are rarely too hard, they are much more accurate and in worst case they are too short. Pretty much every gold player in the game can make succesful lobbed through ball.

Now obviously defenders at times dont react / watch the ball go over them or even get slowed down a bit while the ball goes over their head giving the attacker space. Which could be an explenation why its effective.

But it dosnt explain how players like Ahmed Musa, Ibarbo or Emenike can keep making great lobbed trough balls most of their attempts while at the same time having stats like 50 long passing and a vision around 50-60.

Clearly if you look at some of these players stats, you will notice that longpassing and even shortpassing on some players are their worst stats. Yet you can rarely notice it in game.

Like if you compare the stats strenght and longpassing. Someone with 50 longpassing has a much higher success rate of making a good lobbed through ball than someone with 50 strenght shrugging of someone with 85.


Comment:FIFA 15 Long passing mechanism