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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team BORING!

This game has become completed F'ed up in recent weeks. The games are completely boring. I play in Division 1 and Division 2. These games are 0-0, 1-0, 1-1. So many complaints:


1. Passes are my biggest issue. Passing accuracy is horrible. And "Y" for a pass through is a complete * shoot. fifa Players and ball are moving forward. A player makes a break and the pass through is sent instead to another player next to him. The pass through is rarely directed to the intended player. The worst is when all a moving forwar - press "Y" and instead of a pass through attempt to a forward breaking forward, instead the player makes a u turn and fires the ball back to a CB. Result - Opportunity finished.

2. Shooting. Getting a shoot off with the "B" has become more difficult. Once the "B" is pressed the player either losses ball control or literally falls on his ass. This recent event is a new one. One player makes a break on goal. No opposition from the opponent continually press B but never shoots - keeper end up with the ball.


3. Who's faster than Theo Walcott? Apparently everyone!!!! Theo has the ball and makes a break towards goal. However, he's caught from behind by both (2) CB's who successfully complete the challenge entering the penalty area and no shot is taken. In other games Theo is not able to out run opponents either breaking in or down the side line.


4. Goal Keeping. I need to shot 10-15 times to score a single goal. Every goal keepers appears to be the best in the business. Their range, reactions and movement are perfect. The distance they dive are incredible. However, at the other end I better not allow a shot. Actually about 50% shots on goal go in. I have some guy named De Gea.


Maybe I just need to be away from this game for a while!!!


Comment:FIFA 15 Ultimate Team BORING!