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FIFA Grinding out wins but not enjoying it?

Anyone else feel like this lately? I'm grinding out wins but really not enjoying anything about the game anymore.


I've just sat and played 8 games in the gold cup and won all 8, but looking back I just didn't enjoy it. There's just so much that makes it a miserable experience even when you win. In order of annoyance and just off the top of my head

- laggy as hell gameplay (no its not my connection)


- moronic opponents that watch every replay and cutscene


- taking 5 searches just to get connected to an opponent


- opponents that can play perfect 50 yard balls with Kyle Walker, whilst he's blindfolded and facing his own goal and standing on one leg but GOD FORBID you should try and play a 5 yard through ball ON THE GROUND with SIF Isco (obviously you can't be expecting him to make that kind of pass, he's not Kyle Walker themidfield maestro after all!)


- when your opponent rage quits when you're winning then an error message comes up, you get kicked out of fut and the game doesn't count


It's really sad because I've always spent a lot of time playing FIFA over the years and I love football in real life so naturally I keep coming back to it.


What are you guys doing to keep it fun and interesting for you?


Comment:FIFA Grinding out wins but not enjoying it?