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FIFA Sprinting HOWTO more like WHYNOT

Sprinting in this game must be used sparingly.

I know you know it but you can't help using it excessively! Am I right?

You take possession of the ball and subconsciously your brain is saying to you go on you made it recently and today you will make it one on one with the goalkeeper again! You need to ignore that gratuitous urge because the game is designed to be a lot more stupid when you sprint.

When you are moving with the left stick without holding sprint (RT on FIFA Xbox) you are dribbling and honestly it's one of the best feeling in the game to realise you can dribble without thinking about sprinting. The benefit is that the ability of your players will often become immeasurably better giving you a much more creative experience.

Nerf your sprinting and make use of the player abilities! I know it's hard because you don't have the skill yet but it's worth the effort to attain skilled dribbling.

You can use the contain feature to sprint defend (hold A button on Xbox) so really you almost never have to hold the sprint trigger in the game. The only reasonable situation where sprinting is effective is when you are in behind the defenders sprinting towards the goalkeeper who you are intending to beat with skill every time and never will you test the goalkeeper AI. Am I right? Oh you didn't know it was possible to beat the keeper almost every time??? Aguero nonchalantly beat Neuer three times in one match in real life and so can you in this game when you stop testing the keeper and start gaining the skill to beat him!

When my children are sprint maniacs they often attempt wild shots outside the box and occasionally they score a spectacular goal however most of the time the automatic defending AI stops them. When you sprint the opponents players will close you down almost before you even have a chance to look for space.The AI is designed to react instantly as soon as you press the sprint button so it's use severely restricts the creative options available to you.

I nerfed the sprint function to help facilitate my boys learning the game properly and the difference in creative play and offensive aptitude became a joy to watch. Their dribbling skills became much more adept! I changed it back to full on sprinting and it wasn't take long before their gratuitous sprinting and wild long range shots on goal started again but they're slowly getting there with it.

I am hoping EA look into eliminating the immediate reactions of the AI because frankly it ruins the single player FUT game.

If only there was a way to tweak the reaction time so it's more human like, it would make the game immeasurably more enjoyable to learn.

Even programming the defenders to be more human like would be a big improvement. For example a real defender when he comes alive will often stand his ground or jockey backwards whereas the FUT AI instantly moves towards the player stifling any creative ability he may possess.

I don't know if EA knows much about the concept of adaptive reaction times in games but they should look into it. I suspect it wouldn't take long for the FUT programmers to hack it into the game instead of the instant reaction time it appears to use.

I wish I had more time available to start an open source football game because I've come to believe that the people playing the game are a like a society and it's getting bigger every year. It's developers need to recognize that it isn't just a game anymore. In any society there are cultural and behavioral needs that must be met and frankly this game isn't taking that seriously.

Future iterations of FUT have the potential to become an incredible teaching aid especially for children.

Allow the children and average players to feel they are just as important to FUT as the elite players and you never know it might turn into something special for everyone.


Comment:FIFA Sprinting HOWTO more like WHYNOT

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