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How does one report FIFA cheaters?

Well, I'm no *, if the guy is at this for so long it's unlikely no one ever reported him, so I'm likely at a futile endeavor here... 


He leads both overall and manual leaderboards on PS3. I was hoping to play him for some time, not that I expected to win against someone with such good stats but being a manual player myself I was curious to see how a top manual player would play. 

Today I' finally drawn against him. He did show some individual skill in the 10 minutes or so (of "in-game" time) that the match lasted, but committed a mistake on defense which I capitalized on. He quickly tied the match a few minutes later and before the celebration even commenced he did something which I presume triggered a glitch. The game looked as if crashed with a still image, but not exactly, as I could access PSN menu and got the "you can't pause the game because you don't have possession" whenever I pressed the start button. I waited a couple of minutes and then sent him a message just titled with "???" to which he replied "I'm stuck on the menu ". I was immediately suspicious of foul play, as I'd never seen a similar incident in the 80 or so matches I've racked up so far and found it too big a coincidence for it to happen for the first time against someone whit such outstanding stats. 


I asked "If I reset the PS3 will I lose the match?" but at the same time was receiving a message saying "I'm on the menu, I lost"... I knew it was * and waited a couple more minutes after which I then decided to reset my PS3. 


I then went to his record (had tried to seen it before but couldn't has hadn't played him yet) and he won 16 of his last 20 games by exactly 3-0, obviously including his game against me. I've studied Economics in University but I don't think you need to be a statistics genius to realize this is absolute *. I presume the games he didn't win were either because he couldn't score and trigger the glitch, or because he found someone as patient as him who wouldn't quit, forcing him to stop whatever he was doing to resume the match (he did have a 4-1 loss in his last 20 games record). 


How he's been doing this for +1400 matches and no one stopped him is beyond my understanding as a consumer of a product. Seasons is all I've got to play, as FUT doesn't have a manual filter, and if the top divisions (which I've now reached) are populated by these players (he's not the only one with such subliminal record, though by far the leader) what is there to play for?


Well, I searched for his PSN name in google and unsurprisingly it leads to exactly similar complaints on EA answers website from 2 months ago. His name was edited out due to naming and shaming policies, but google cache allowed me to find it nevertheless. 


So 2 months of sustained obvious cheating behavior and you do nothing EA. Is there anyone in your company who cares the least about this? 


I also question the patience of someone to do this all day for so long... It's not like he makes an effort to hide it or pretending to be a fair player. He's just trolling EA and ourselves. 


I patiently wait for the moderator reply telling me to follow the proper reporting procedure like you did to the other complainer. Which, in this circumstance, I'll interpret as EA trolling me as well, as it's been done already by other players and you already have all the data you need to act. Winning every game 3-0 isn't proof enough?


Comment:How does one report FIFA cheaters?

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