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I just quit playing fifa 15

Here is mine...

I just quit playing fifa 15. I was playing several games today. Ive won some and i lost some. And i can always tell when it is time to lose again. After winning 2-3 games in a row, i will get matched against a much better/stronger opponent, who will destroy me. So im starting to lose like 2-3 games, then i will get matched against lower rated opponents and im suddenly starting to win again...this goes on forever. On my first run i nearly reached Division 3 instantly, but dropped down to division 6 afterwards and i cant progress anymore. Im stucked in Division 5 and 6.


I think it doesnt matter if youre matched against higher rated players or lower rated players. The engine will decide how you or your players act. I lost several games today. Just three a few minutes ago. My players werent doing any runs. When attacking i was waiting for them to run past the opponents defence, but they just did not move. My opponent did get every ball, no matter where i shot it from. His defence where attacking me from all directions, i just could not do anything. When he was attacking, my players did strange moves, like running backwars from the attacker and courtois acting like he smoked something, letting every shot in and not keeping simple shots.


So i thought ok...it must be my mind playing tricks on me...i better stop playing for today. I wont get better today if i try it harder...but you know how hard it is to quit...so i queued for another match.


My opponent had a bayern munich team with ribery, lewandowsky and robben up front. Should be a pretty hard game, right? Yeah...no...it was not...after the first half i was leading 3-0 and i left the game. I deleted every player i had and destroyed 3.5 million coins (buying several ibras and discarding him). Im now sitting on 140 coins and no possibility to come back.


I dominated the last game left and right. My players were attacking, they were available for my passes. Shooting or passing were suddenly SPOT ON. No fail passes, no slow passes. Fast and strong passes and my players didnt felt sluggish. No signs of rubberbanding. So it wasnt my mind playing tricks on me. It was fifa...alle the time. Im done with it.


Comment:I just quit playing fifa 15