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Is This A fifa Custom Tactic Or Something Else Entirely?

I've been playing online seasons and managed to get to Division 1 on a 30 game unbeaten streak. Now I'm in Division 4 on a stupidly long losing streak because of this style of play I keep coming up against.


My unbeaten streak ended the second I got into D1. My opponents literally ALL played the same way no matter what team they used, like it was some well known overpowered custom tactic they all knew about online or something.


It's basically this... They somehow get their players to stick to you like friggin glue or a magnet or some sh*t. I never have ANY time to pass, because as soon as I get the ball, no matter where I am on the pitch, I have 2-3 players sticking to me and not letting me move, let alone pass. Then if I DO try to pass, they just intercept it. After they win possession by doing this, it's like their WHOLE team just starts sprinting forwards screaming "GIMME THE BALL" so they have endless passing opportunities as soon as they win back possession. At this point it's near impossible to win the ball back from them, because not only are my players giving them all the space in the world to run in to, but they are too pre-occupied dealing with the insane amount of players the opposition has running into space to be able to deal with any goal scoring threat.


I just don't understand why my players are giving the opposition as much space as they want, but as soon as I get possession I literally can not move because I'm being hounded by their players. Even when I get possession, my players just seem to stand around and don't run into space anywhere near as much as the opposition seems to do.


The final thing is the way players seem to be able to hold the ball with a single player no matter what their strength is. I've lost count of the amount of times I've tried to send a couple of players to get the ball back from the opposition and they just seem to twist and turn with their player and it's impossible to get the ball back. I try hammering at tackle when I'm close and it just does absolutely nothing, the opposition just turns their back and my tackling does nothing. Then again, if I try and do that, they just need ONE tackle and I lose the ball. No hammering at tackle, no trying over and over again, just one tackle and they win the ball back. I don't get it.


Would appreciate some advice, trying to stop my losing streak at the moment.


Either high pressure or more likely the abuse of sliders, the latter is pretty much cheating.


How it's supposed to work: the sliders enable you to customize the way you play and lend themselves to stylistic differences. You want to play counter attacking football with Barcelona, customize the defensive line and build up play, want to play high pressure with Atletico Madrid? Increase the attacking and pressure. Want to play possession football with Madrid? Increase the passing and space.


It allows for players to play in a manner akin to the way they feel or want the team to play, their footballing philosophies if you will. Personally I don't think it belongs in seasons in its current state but I can get the idea they were going for.


The PROBLEM: In practice this feature is very easily abused. First of all it doesn't acknowledge pre - existing stylistic differences. For example Barcelona are a possession based team, tweaking the sliders to allow them to be a counter attacking outfit is fine BUT it should be to an extent, Barcelona's strength is possession, slider tweaks shouldn't override this but merely morph their approach in certain situations. It does NOT do this.


As a result West Ham can be made to play like vintage Barcelona and Stoke City can counter attack like Real Madrid, slider tweaks like this treat the team as a blank slate and forget about any pre existing stylistic philosophy a team has.


This in reality is a minor grievance in comparison to the real problem with sliders. Everyone would much prefer having players press better or pass better or be quicker with their movement but not all players are equal so some will be better than others, simple enough.


So what players often do is simply max out all the sliders, making for a faster, better pressing, better moving team. The trade off being the players should be exhausted far more quickly assuming the stamina system works. The problem is, it doesn't.


The stamina system is woefully inept resulting in some of the gameplay you're experiencing. People will do anything they can to win and more often than not it results in utilizing bugs in the system. Since the stamina system doesn't punish players for pressing high and hard for 70+ minutes, there is little risk and if worst comes to worst they'll simply sub a player.


Comment:Is This A fifa Custom Tactic Or Something Else Entirely?