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Lag Matches Double The Harder To FIFA Play

For the sake of my own sanity and to save me punching a hole through my XB1 i've literally just had to give up and turn it off.


You cannot play a game when its lagging. And its a disgrace beyond belief why i have to sit and endure this pile of [email protected] because im being paired with someone who doesnt have equally the same broadband quality.


You can't pass. You can't dribble. You can't shoot. You tackle the ball umpteenth times and it will still be at your opponents feet. Shoot at your GK heh even roll the ball to him and he will have a f-ing stroke on the floor and deflect it back out directly to your opponent.

The magic of this game just never seizes to amaze me. I would of had the clips for all too see and enjoy however as mentioned i just switched it off.


But amazingly, even though sticking it onto Ultra D for the last 5 mins as i knew holding onto a 3-2 win there was bound to be some 90th min shenanigans. Low and behold right on the stroke of 90 mins my opponent manages to thread a ball along the ground past 6-7 players of mine right into his striker for him to tap in.


Then comes the best part in injury time where my opponent shoots a weak shot and Leno cant pick the ball up and has a David James moment and then 2 of my defenders go arse over * falling over each other which then knocks the ball into the net for an own goal. Bravo EA Bravo!!


So long as there is this 1999 style p2p type of gaming then people like me are always going to be hampered with a poor experience when it comes to this sort of game. 

If not for on seasons or cups you are willing to put in a 5 min back out rule which doesn't affect my DNF or record. Then at least stick it on online single matches so if i get this i can back out and go into another match and no fuss, no drama.


This at the moment im sure should be put up for nomination as a new style of CIA torture treatment by forcing prisoners too play FIFA on lag


Comment:Lag Matches Double The Harder To FIFA Play