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My Biggest Problem With This FIFA Update

I get what EA are trying to do with this price range thing, I do. People complaining about 'extinct' players will soon see that people always sell eventually. The vast majority of FIFA players who would buy FIFA coins to binge on packs every Wednesday will soon realise that the only way to fund their habit is to sell players. The extinct NIF's et al will resolve themselves.


However, my problem is that this update - while intending to "level the playing field" - has completely destroyed some players' hard earned assets, while leaving others' completely unscathed. And I'm not talking about some players being reduced in price more than others etc.


Here's what I mean: Players who, by chance, sold up the night before the update and got their lovely inflated 5 million coins for their players or (in some top class irony) the coin sellers who sit with tens of millions in the bank are now sitting pretty with a VASTLY increased fortune, able to afford way than before. While other players who had their coins invested in players with the intention of (shock) playing FIFA with them, have been cut to their knees with huge cuts to their players values and are now way behind someone in this "level playing field" who they were previously on par with in terms of coins.


This is especially true for me and many others who have been focused on silver IF's and like building the more obscure squads. My MOTM Milik and IF Serero, previously worth about 3 million, will be selling for the minimum 880k before long (Serero is currently one of the many extinct silvers for this exact reason).


It seems unfair for the players with multiple squads and big clubs who collect players for the purpose of the game to be suffering while the coin sellers and big money traders, while I have nothing against the latter, are sitting on absolute fortunes now.


I saw a post last night calling for a feature that allows players to sell cards that were in your club at the time of the update back to EA for the price they were bought for as a one time thing. There are a large amount of flaws in this plan such as coin sellers selling back their 10 million bronze players, but I think the premise of the idea is a sound one and should be something EA consider looking into.


Anyway, that's my baggage. Consider it my formal feedback. What's all y'alls take on this whole thing?


Comment:My Biggest Problem With This FIFA Update

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