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Our AI is terrible every fifa game and we don't know why

Basically, we have terrible AI every game even though we're in Division two and our AI are rated above 80. Every other team we play against has AI that can defend everything we do. For example, Our oppositions striker can simply hold down sprint and our defence will just stand and watch him run past and they only begin to start chasing after him once he is about 10 yards away from them as well as this, our AI cannot defend the devastating skill to cut inside. When we try to cut inside or sprint every other teams AI defence can tackle us without any problems or it's as if they're psychic and see exactly what we're going to attempt to do.

Another thing that seems to happen a lot is the aids passing system interfering, such as our over the top through balls (LB + Y) always loop over 100% of the time so that the oppositions defence can easily head the ball away. There is the infamous power bar as well where a lot of our through balls/shots are way too powerful even though we put 1 bar of power out of the 4 bars available and this often leads to the pass going straight past our players and to their keeper or our shots just going miles over the cross bar.

Personally I'm beginning to think we're doing something wrong, or there's something we don't know.

If anybody could think of a possible explanation for us being stuck with these diabolical AI players it would be a great help.


Comment:Our AI is terrible every fifa game and we don't know why

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