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People have been buying and selling coins since FUT10

People have been buying and selling coins since FUT10, back with the old "Paperclip + free 100k fifa coins" on ebay, although 100k coins back then cost around £10-£15. There was even a pack glitch on FUT10, which admittedly got patched, however the point still stands. Nobody complained about hyper inflation back then, or FUT11, 12 or even 13 as much.

It's cool that you think coin sellers and buyers are ruining the market, but if anything the large influx of players they provide helps you out in a sense. I mean, It was incredibly rare to find a player over 1m back on FUT11. I remember Rooney's first IF on FUT12 going for just over 1m too.

The real guys ruining the current FIFA are the ones using bots and glitches to farm massive amounts of coins, i'm talking hundreds of billions of coins, this could be via autobuyers or managing to somehow win 5-6 games an hour 24 hours a day. A quick check on ebay shows people who've sold over 1,500 units of 500k coins. Now considering there are several of them, in conjunction with the coin selling websites who do the same, there's no way without some form of glitching and hacking the amount of coins generated is due to people trading and selling their coins.

I'm sure EA are aware of the problem and working on fixing it, i mean it IS hampering potential profits. However banning someone for buying coins really isn't the action to be taken, fix the root of the problem first.

As for everybody else, if more and more emphasis was put on these "hackers" and less on coin buyers/sellers something might be done sooner.

tl;dr Hackers are ruining the FUT market, not coin selling/buying


Comment:People have been buying and selling coins since FUT10