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Please help me win a FIFA game

First of all let me already apologize for my bad English.

Now, i consider myself a pretty descend fifa player, and if a play a normal kick off match against a friend i am used to beating them or at least giving them a hard time, but as soon as i start playing ultimate team i just can't win a single game any more. I have played over 200 online matches in fifa 15 ultimate team, and since the beginning i just feel like i have all the bad luck in the world as soon as i start playing a game off ultimate team. I have tried playing all the different styles and all the different formations, but nothing works.I have played with the worst and the best players, it does not matter. I just can't figure out what i am doing wrong.

Now the frustrating part is that 99/100 matches i am the better player and have most of the chances, but as soon as my opponent gets a chance he will score no matter what. I have played games where i had 15 shots on target versus 3 and i lost 3-0. And it is not like i'm shooting from all over the place. Even when i am able to score 1 or 2 times ( i almost never get to score more then 2 times) my opponent will just score more goals then me. What frustrates me the most is the way i lose the games, it is just so undeserved and i can't have any fun with this game. I know you are going to say well just quit the game, but i do love the game. ''well just play career mode then''. No, ea does not give a flying * about career mode anymore so after a season or 2 it will get very very boring.

It just feels like my console is cursed, i even had friends over (who on their own console had a record off 50 games won and just 1 loss) who can't win a game on my ultimate team. I recently began opening FIFA packs out of boredom, and very luckily pulled players like Aguero and Di maria but even they can't make the scoring opportunities my opponent's 65 rated center back is making against me.

Also i have recently heard something about the ELO- system. I do not know everything about this system but it is something that ea uses to match you up against people with some sort off the same skill level as you have based on the amount of matches you won/lost, if this really is in this game i should be getting the worst of the worst possible FIFA players to play against and still i (undeserved) lost a match 4-0 just now.

If anybody knows some sort of way to reset my luck and begin with a clean sheet please let me know.


Comment:Please help me win a FIFA game