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psfifacoins:Top 20 Assists Ever in Soccer History

Best Soccer Assist Skills and Goals Ever featuring Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Diego Maradona.


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0:03 forward captain of outlook

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0:14 action

0:18 season

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0:23 Spanish

0:29 the Sandlot suffering

0:31 to pick up her butt off

0:33 the top option

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0:41 but its top patient she vs from for top

0:49 right now though I will never score an easy call buffet of

0:55 have a bit of a trek the cat this

0:59 looks impossible colleges covering

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1:22 on how do you buy

1:23 to sue bue talk with a company so you know models soup

1:27 second beside the hospital the submit those I

1:32 the 0

1:41 factor

1:43 to to drive at Norwich City here

1:48 wilshire to solar chill sure the

1:55 still

1:59 you

2:01 she was to be lower

2:08 everything about sex the

2:20 cancelled

2:41 do

2:46 do

2:59 but dunno

3:00 I'm could eat it ok with a pro bono

3:03 it that's not out there 3k no backup nothing but dot dot but

3:07 that people the gunby she will go on love

3:10 belief in with your own it 0 the government is but mike d squirming under

3:14 indictment what I've got a computer

3:16 we're not gonna take a nap three

3:24 them

3:26 them

3:28 thank you

3:32 music 30

3:35 he spoke a magical memorialized

3:40 will call catch it family

3:43 be stopped 30 this one

3:46 pin

3:54 in

4:00 the

4:02 skin

4:11 to against for

4:12 love this message

4:15 gets around man-hours

4:36 its

4:37 should budget

4:41 that all

4:49 by

4:52 killed to club but

5:02 not good

5:05 yeah fuck her

5:13 compact

5:18 her brother Frank per capita the ball

5:23 up haha terribly happy the

5:34 you

5:42 you've got a car

5:43 people people apartment building on the bus back to help

5:47 the

5:51 all

5:53 all but not be

5:56 hip

6:03 it hit us up

6:06 also achieved

6:17 sleep

6:20 here

6:22 he said

6:25 tip 6 got back to bed

6:29 the pop filed it got dark

6:34 I be no question

6:44 through entity that he will be that raises them cope

6:54 jewelry her number three

6:58 for full we'll see scheme

7:02 it's a watch this with these

7:06 spell it was insane think people

7:10 yes reform look at this just the

7:15 you might initially for the

7:18 normal

8:21 the

9:35 world

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