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Putting the new fifa coins prices into perspective

Really glad that the coin glitch has spread to the consoles having been there on pc for the past 3 years and now that it has Ea has done something nice with the prices.


Consider the following prices, messi is now at 2.5 min price and still not selling and his price will probably be 1.5 or less come tots.


An average fifa enthusiast will play around 500 games(educated guess) of UT a year if not more, that would mean around 600k coins in match earnings if not more depending on how many games u win and so on.


If u have preordered fifa u get 40 5k packs which discard for 1k each bare minimum and supposed u pull a 5k player every 10- packs or so u would have approx 70 k from free packs.


If u are not good at trading u can still make bare minimum 5k fifa coins a day without any extra efforts, like selling consumables/non rare players and other basic trading methods which still work despite price caps.

That comes to 5k x 20days(suppose u take 10 days off a month) x 10 months = 1 mil coins.


Other thing being free packs being given by EA once in a blue moon which should boost ur club with utility players and if u are lucky with a high value player of course being untradeable.


So that being said the average gamer can make 600+70+1m=1.67m coins without playing/trading for hours and he should be able to afford the marquee player of his choice by the end, of course if u want to buy the marquee player early on or have multiple marquee players in ur club then u will have to play/trade more which is only fair.


TL: DR - Every player can afford his dream marquee player in the end.


Comment:Putting the new fifa coins prices into perspective