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blake jimmerson
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Remove the minimum limits or increase the quick sell fifa coins.. Plus my market moan

46 pages of Piszcek for example on ps. I just want to bin my best 50k pack player off for more than the 656 quick sell.. Maybe for 1k.. Who knows. The lowest I can put him up for is 5.1k bin.. If EA only offer 656 then his min limit should be 656. 


All through the Brazil cup for example, I traded if danilos before his upgrade. Anything from 5-30k profit each time and made 1.5 mil through a LOT of effort, this was when bidding started at 150 regardless of the Bin and you could get bargains. I have never had so many coins in FIFA.. 4.7 mil before I bought a Bpl 11 with Hazard, Up Aguero, up Sanchez, tif silva, Toure, sif cazorla, up Azpiliqueta, kompany, S.Ramos, Carvajal & up De Gea and French 11 including Ribery.. I've already lost well over a mil of what I put hours of time into achieving and now the market is a joke. I had to sell up to get players in that I hope to make small profits on but when I can't even sell the pathetic cards I packed from a desperate attempt at packing a if Rooney after the limits robbed me of my hard earned coins then I just don't understand why your attempt at getting rid of coinsellers became more important than keeping genuine honest match players like myself happy? I'm not even good! Division 4, w276, d109, L287.. (All divisions or cups) But I play it! I don't buy or sell coins, Ive even spent about £60 on FIFA points to get off the mark with a few K to trade with from the start and you kick me in the teeth with a instant robbery of over a million fifa coins! A loyal customer since FIFA international soccer back in 93/94 or whenever it was and you just bend me over and shaft me. 

As everyone has said, doing this with FIFA 16.. Fresh start, so what.. Nobody is loosing anything, they start out on 0 with min/max limits to start with from day 1.. Great, do what you want.. But 6 months into FIFA 15? When time money and effort has been put into building up coins to make 'dream teams'.. I don't care about traders or coinsellers.. I don't care about Toty or Ronaldo/messi because I've not owned any ever. People can still trade, coinsellers will still find a way.. I have 3 mil.. I'm sure for example if if rooneys went for the 1.2 min, coinsellers would buy for the 1.8 max price giving you a 600k coin increase for whatever price.. Granted it's harder but when these people are sitting on millions of coins they will do what they need to make the money they went into business for. 


Now remove min prices please! I want to get rid of my junk and bag bargains.. Plus 14-15 mil for motm Cahill.. 400 odd for sif cazorla.. 500 odd for tif silva.. Idiots. 'Even playing field' 'fair prices' if or motm cards values should go up week after week as they get rarer and rarer.. Discard prices should in someway reflect min list prices too. Even if it's 20% less. 


Words just keep coming out, I'll stop, thank you for tonight's therapy. Just writing it helped. I don't care if nobody reads it. Just the thoughts of a average FIFA player who got a rod in his back hole from FIFA. Thanks.


Comment:Remove the minimum limits or increase the quick sell fifa coins.. Plus my market moan