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Robb - Why does EA allow a-holes to ruin the game for others?

Ok, so if you're good bad or indifferent you may or may not like replays. I absolutely HATE how the game attempts to recreate a TV broadcast with all the replays mid-game. Why do I enjoy football? Because its non-stop. I don't enjoy watching any replays at all.

Now why does this ruin it? When you play online and you're getting thwomped. . .there is a 90% you're playing a jerk who will make you watch every replay because they themselves feel as if they are a FIFA god and you owe them the satisfaction of sitting through each and every goal. I don't mind goal celebrations. . .the "calm down" just infuriates me when I'm losing. . but that I can handle. After that having to sit through all 3 replays because my opponent is a jerk ruins the game for me.


When this happens, I'm done. I finish the game and quit for the night. I have an even win/lose record with about 600 games played. I want to play a few matches when I sit down in the evening to relax after a long day. . .when an idiot ruins it for me because EA can't just let the replays be at the end of game as an option is beyond me.


In before the "just get better bro" and "just close your eyes" comments. I hate losing. . when I give up a goal, I want to get right back to the game. . . not let some idiot have the power over me to force me and watch his goal.


Comment:Robb - Why does EA allow a-holes to ruin the game for others?