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well ive from this site alot and its pretty good! prices are the best on the market and its actually lagit unlike rs2happpy who got me banned. i ordered 30M and they said it would take about 15 days :(.... i wish it was shorter. oh and some gamers are better than others because my friend got 30M and it took him 5 days!!! so he just had a better gamer. I defenitaly recommend this site!
blake jimmerson
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So sold almost everyone i bought and ive gone from 17mil to 6.5 mil

Yeah, lets say ive got about 600k left in players.


I did a splurge on players the night before they brought in the price ranges not knowing this was happening. The next day watched as they announced the price ranges and couldnt sell any of my players due to being at work.... so basically i watched EA take out its D.... then proceed to give me the Dench Sausage....


Some of us have lots of coins because we pay for points, lot of them, Mike Pickford is the same.


So thank you EA from one of the guys who spends over $1000 a year on your game for doing what feels like taking my cash and then smashing me in the sack for it.

And before anyone say "you still got 6 million" yes i do but I LOST 11 Mill no matter how its spun.


I guess its easy for me to say as I didnt buy one player when they were at their peak price other than messi for 5.8.. all my other ones I bought at TOTY so although I knew they had gone up loads in value I never actually saw any of those coins until I sold up - was lucky enough to sell Ronaldo at 4.6 and Messi at 4.1 though.


How did he lose you 3.8? was it literally just because you bought one day before?


EDIT: IF I sold before the caps sure I would have more coins, but if I sold up before the caps and bought before the caps there is noway I could afford what I can now that I sold during the caps and am going to be buying also obviously during the caps (if that makes sense)


Comment:So sold almost everyone i bought and ive gone from 17mil to 6.5 mil