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Suggestions for online games for FIFA 16

I have been playing FIFA for a long time now, and generally play the online game modes. Usually in Div1 in Seasons and FUT. 3 things really annoy me, and I am sure others also, and detract from the game, and should be a very simple thing to fix. Please take note, and let me know what you think. Feel free to add other suggestions.

1. When you try to pause the game but don't have the ball:

When this happens, it comes up with a piece of text in the middle of the screen, saying that you can't pause while not in possession of the ball, and after a few seconds disappears again. Now this is a problem as the center of the screen is usually where the players with the ball are, meaning it blocks your view, and although it doesn't stay there long, a second is enough to have an effect with the fast paced nature of online gameplay.

Please move the text to another part of the screen such as along the top or the bottom of the screen, or make the positioning of such things customizable.

2. Switching players with the right analog stick:

This is feature that was added to give more precision for selecting the appropriate player, yet problems with player switching is one of the major issues I feel negatively effect the game, and is something that I am well aware of others feeling the same. The idea is good , but it just doesn't work as well as it should, and I believe it is down to one key aspect. Currently, when you flick the stick in the direction of the desired player, the direction is taken from the player that is currently selected. As we are not in control of the ball, the ball is usually the thing we are focusing on, and the thing that is usually in the center of the screen, so I find very often that I am switching to a different player than the one desired.

Please aim the analog switching from the ball, or the center of the screen, not the currently selected player.

3. The player radar

This is a really simple one. In past FIFA games, you could change the position of the radar, in FIFA 15 you can't.

Please make the radar positioning custmizable.


Comment:Suggestions for online games for FIFA 16