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The big latency/ping/input problem Thread


Hi guys. Since I've been seeing so much threads popping up in which people claim the experience unexplainable problems with their online game play, I'd thought I try to write some of my thoughts down. For our beloved moderators, this discussion will not be about scripting/handicap/momentum or any other unproven theories. In my humble opionion these concepts are all myths and directly related to a problem I refer to as 'input lag'. This type of lag creates the illusion of the game being against you as the delay in input makes AI and controlled players act extremely unpredictable. My intentions are to steer discussion away from the handicap claims, and to focus our energy on the possible underlying causes of input lag.


Now, as a disclaimer I do not see myself as a fantastic FIFA player, nor do I aspire to be one. I've won Division 1 in H2H several times this year, but have just relegated to Division 5 in FUT. This has a number of reasons, one being the fact that slower gameplay suits my playstyle better. Plus I mainly use B/S/G teams just to come up against full TOTY teams a lot lately.And last but not least, waves of horrendous input lag. I figure I'd be a Division 2 or 3 player in FUT when never experiencing input lag. (At least, I used to when not experiencing lag for a couple of weeks.)



So I'm a FIFA fanatic in my late twenties who has been playing FIFA ever since my dad brought how a brand new computer and a FIFA '97 disk. The first time I played FIFA online was when I bought an XBOX360 and FIFA10. I started playing FUT and was immediatly hooked.


My setup at the time was a cabled connection from my XBOX360 to my router, with my Dutch ISP being Ziggo. I lived in student housing with only 3 other guys who weren't much into gaming so I was mainly using the internet connection. I did use to get awfull waves of input lag that could last for a week and then vanish in thin air. When gone, I'd really enjoy the game.


In the following years the problem stayed with me, periods of lag, periods without lag. Enough lag free games too keep me hooked, enough lagging games to keep me frustrated (about 50/50). I tried everything there is exept for switching ISP's. (wasn't always in my power to do so.)


During this period I've lived in two different cities, have had the best speeds Ziggo has to offer, and played on both an XBOX360 and a PS4.


So what is it that I experience during these waves of input lag?



- Framedrops. Most well know form of latency issues, stuttering imagery. Strangly this occurs not too often.

- Short passes are too soft. Most likely due to too little button input. This makes possession play really hard.

- Close range finishing doesn't work. Shots can't be aimed at the goalcorners, but go straight at the keeper.

- Players use the 'Stretched first-touch' animation for balls that are 100% placed at their feet.

- AI never intercepts the ball. Even when it practically runs over their feet.

- Players fail to accept a pass. Making the ball ricochets towards an opponent. (no animation)

- Players turn extremely slowly. Best example of button lag, players respond too late & feel like glue.

- Timed headers that jump to early or too late. Mostly hard on defending corner kicks.

- Well timed tackles that never obtain possession. They just bump the ball over the side-lines.

- Loads and loads of fouls Mostly with players that bump into other opponents (not carrying the ball.)

- Player switching becomes really hard. I use both manual and L1 for player switching, which can become random.

- Random passes and shots aren't executed. Instead players keep walking in a straight line.

- Conceding a lot during the final third. 


A lot of people complain about conceding in the 90th minute which is, in my eyes a combination of accumulated lag and loss of fitness of your players. From around the 70th minute of a game I start to lose the little control I had over the game due to issues mentioned above. The lag always seems to get gradually worse during a match. Loads of times I was ahead two or three goals at halftime, but I still managed to lose.



- Samsung Flatscreen LE32B350F1W

- PS4

- CAT6 UTP cable ~ 2 meters

- Ubee Modem

- ISP Ziggo 120mbit/12mbit service

- FIFA15 disk



- Do you have a sufficient internet connection?

Yes I have. I have the following deal my ISP (Ziggo) has to offer:


- Is your connection wired?

Yes, my PS4 is wired up with a CAT6 UTP cable to my Ubee modem-router, short distance.


- Is your controller wired?

Often yes, doesn't make a noticable difference.


- Are your ports forwarded?

I've experimented a lot throughout the years with port range forwarding & port range triggering. To no avail. Currently my PS4 is in DMZ.


- Maybe it's your router?

I've had 3 different routers/modem's over the years. Same problems every time.


- Have you enabled/disabled uPnP?

I've played with both settings, currently disabled. Doesn't do anything for me.


- Have you enabled/disabled hospitality settings?



- Have you enabled/disabled EATRAX?



- What is your NAT?

My NAT is a type 2.


- Is something wrong with your console?

I've had this issue for many years now on both my XBOX360 as my PS4. Exact same problem.


- Do you experience lag with other games?

I rarely play other online games than FIFA, but in Call of Duty or GTAV I've never experienced similar issues. My guess is that it's FIFA only.


Reactions to Frequent Statements:

- All players get lag, even those with great records.

True. Allthough I often experience these lag issues in gigantic waves that can last for weeks. Every single game in such a wave has this input lag. When I don't suffer from it I get the occasional laggy game. Not a problem.


- FUT is just full of bs, deal with it.

I can absolutely deal with weird games at times. It's the little things that really annoy me most such as the soft passing and player switching.



- High ping EA servers

When trying to ping easo.ea.com I get awfull results varying from 100.000ms to 300.000ms.

I'd love to see some of your results.


- The ELO system

When there is no input lag I win most of my games resulting in a higher ELO. I've thought about this often, that maybe when my ELO increases, my lag starts kicking in, resulting in an ELO drop. This would in turn make the lag go away, for a short while.


- Lag compensation

There's a theory that claims when you have the best connection in P2P games you might experience negatives from lag compensation. I don't really grasp the concept of this though.


- My TV creates input lag

I've never in al these years switched TV's. I've had a big Samsung TV all this time, but since the input lag is inconsistent it doesn't seem to originate from my TV.


- Faulty routing

When performing a traceroute to easo.ea.com my routing goes through Frankfurt, Germany which makes me wonder why, since I live in the South of the Netherlands. Maybe routing through Great Brittain would be better?



I'd like to ask everyone that has any information or tips to help me and others eliminate this problem, as it is incredibly frustrating. Also I'd like to ask mods to direct people to this thread for discussions about disadvantages experienced when playing online FIFA.


* Please refrain from discussing handicap/scripting etc, as it is forbidden to do so on these forums.

** I shall try to obtain proof by filming my games in the upcoming days.

*** Lastly I'd like you guys to sign this thread when you regularly encounter these problems like I do. Maybe there's comfort in numbers.


Comment:The big latency/ping/input problem Thread