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The FIFA game is completely broken on 360

I thought I could deal with all of these problems, but it's just too frustrating. They all existed since the game came out and there are no signs of any fixes.

- About half the people I'm supposed to play against are from different continents which results in horrible lag. Finding a game becomes a chore. I can't play regular seasons at all because I can't check my opponent's country before the game starts.

- Items from the catalog don't show up.

- DNF percentage is stuck.

- Seasons end prematurely with 1 or 2 games still too play and a chance for promotion.

- Camera options don't save at all. Sliders don't go all the way to 0 or 15.

- And probably the worst: Custom formations are absolutely nonfunctional. The displayed formation doesn't match the one I selected before the game. Custom formations often fail to save completely, the formation then just displays 11 players in one corner and a big fat "undefined". If it does manage to save, it won't show up in the next game. Sometimes it does show up but the player instructions are all reset. I basically have to spend all 3 pauses at the start of every game to make the formation and then pray that it works. 

I'm sure I forgot some other issues. I won't even mention ingame stuff since that is highly subjective. But the stuff I did mention are objective technical issues. And that is just unacceptable.


Comment:The FIFA game is completely broken on 360