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The General State of Fifa as a Franchise

As a long-time manual Controls player of FIFA since 2008. I have a few observations about changes over the past 6+ years (not only Manual). This is supposed to be a competitive game, but unfortunately every year EA simplifies this game further. Making it easier for casual FIFA players to score GOLAZOS.

Here are some opinions:

1. Tactical Defending was a bad IDEA.

Hear me out, the concept of Tactical defending isn't the problem. It's the current implementation that is the issue.

(a) AUTOTACKLE should be gone. If a button input is not needed to defend then it takes all the pressure out of making a mistake or bad tackle.

(b) Introducing Contain has now just cultured an entire community of gamers to hold A. How is holding one button have anything to do with your individual dexterity, anticipation , timing or tactics ? Lower the effectiveness of Contain.

2. Holding Contain and High Pressure should be exclusive tactics. EA's version of virtual-football allows both SIMULTANEOUSLY.

3. Fatigue has little to no effect on this game and increase the Head 2 Head Match time.

4. There needs to be more differentiation on how to execute specific moves, too many times the game confuses button inputs. This is what i always admired about PES (complicated buttons, but no mistaking what i was trying to do) Those Japanese people know a few things. 

(a)Pressure and Shoot are the same button. 

(b)Pass and Tackle are the same button ( at least PES uses a DOUBLE tap for tackle) 

(c)Headers are entirely up to the engine, there needs to be specific sequence of buttons to time the Jump and then Power the Header. 

Maybe click down on RS to JUMP ? 

5. The highest competition levels and EA sponsored events need to be all MANUAL CONTROLS. IMO, 

(a) The top 100 Leader boards should be a REQUIREMENT to play on FULL MANUAL controls. 

(b) DIV 3 and up on Seasons should all be FULL MANUAL controls. 

(c) Pro Clubs should be FULL MANUAL controls. 

6. BRING BACK LOBBIES !!!! This is one of the worse ideas, removing lobbies allowed players with different mindsets to congregate and play against each other. Yet EA removes it to force everyone to play the EA way. 

7. Removing Latency bars, the fact that in most areas you are entirely unaware of the latency of your matches shows how casual this game is. I DONT PLAY UT. 

8. PRO Clubs needs HOSTED SERVERS , not a Host to Host matchmaking model. That is the only way you can guarantee a quality connection. Are you expecting me to play Brazillian / South American players without LAG .. IMPOSSIBLE. 

Otherwise this game will only be about Ultimate Team, Boots and trolling people.


Comment:The General State of Fifa as a Franchise

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