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There FIFA needs to be a change

Who else is absolutely sick to death of playing Real Madrid?

Seriously I don't want your suggestions to use a different lower ranked team, I don't mind playing other 5 star teams Real Madrid are just an absolute joke to play against and its so boring 99% of seasons matches i've played have been against them.


EA need to add an option to exclude a team from searching to cut out all these boring Real Madrid whores, so you can actually play a match against another side or they need to bring back the old match-making system where you get in a room together and then select your sides and you could at least back out if they refused to change their overpowered Real Madrid P.O.S. team.


Grrr Rant over, but seriously EA sort it out its boring and has ruined the last two fifa titles online.


Doubt it will happen, Fifa has been like this for years. Only difference is in previous versions pace wasn't as big an issue. Moreover Madrid went through a slump but other teams were also excellent.


Around 08 - 10 there were so many different good teams online. Schalke, Bayern, Barcelona, Chelsea, United, City, Inter, Roma, Napoli, AC Milan, Arsenal, Everton, Valencia, Liverpool etc etc. Moreover Ultimate Team wasn't around back then so online was strictly seasons as the main game mode. Fifa was a joy to play then and it was rare that I'd run into the same team twice.


Now EA has to segregate the teams because it is so appalling the difference between a team like Real Madrid and Schalke. A better team should be capable of more not assisted more. Now even the lesser 5 star teams have little hope beating Real Madrid or Barcelona. The AI for those 5 star teams act almost independently of player input. But EA know this which is why they tweaked the matchmaking so that 5 star teams bar maybe Juventus will ONLY play 5 star teams.


On paper teams like Arsenal, Tottenham Valencia Atletico etc aren't that different from the likes of Real Madrid, I'd more than put Atletico in with a shout vs any team in the world and they'd more than have a chance. But the problem is that EA have created a system where pace is above all, when it SHOULD be movement.


That as well as zero attention to team chemistry, which is why Real Madrid and Barcelona will always be the most used teams online. Similarly why you'll see more of Dortmund than Atletico or Arsenal. Speed trumps everything in Fifa.


I have played well over 1000 games online and I can count on one hand the number of times I've run into Atletico or Tottenham or Roma or Valencia COMBINED. Team chemistry interestingly enough USE to be a feature back in 08 and it use to at least punish players for putting players out of position like how often you see Ramos online for Dortmund or Chicharito for Madrid but inexplicably they removed it.

Team chemistry was something they could totally use to create parity among teams by giving the team an individual rating, a team chemistry stat rating and then have each contribute to the total rating. So a team like Atletico would have maybe a 4.5 individual rating but have 83 team chemistry making them a 5 star team. Atletico won La Liga yet they went down half a star. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE. This would then open up room for a wealth of options, dropping a team's form would take on a whole new scope, as you could drop a team's chemistry AND still have room for individual player increase.


This would add a completely different dimension to online and would eliminate the need for EA to overcompensate by having such an aggressive AI via individual player ratings.


Personally if the servers for 08 or 10 were up and the game had players I'd go play them because I have zero interest in playing 1 team 99% of the time.


Comment:There FIFA needs to be a change