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Will EA ever learn? FIFA Tournaments

So I just played two matches in the new Saudi Tournament. Or so I thought.

The requirements are simple: 6 players from the Saudi League in the starting 11.


So I build a Ligue 1/Brazil defense and the midfield and attack was filled with Brazil and Saudi Players. Everybody was von 10 chem. Great.


First match. BBVA team and 6 random Saudi bronze players. Not even on full chem. Opponent has kick off. Pauses straight away. Brings on Bale, Müller and another high rated gold player with no chemistry whatsoever to the rest of the team.


I end up winning the game... barely. Bale scored 3 goals. His Saudi players were invisible.

Pretty much the same thing happened in the second match. Everybody seems to do that.


The question is: Why does EA doesn't just simply do a FULL Saudi tournament so people can't abuse this by simply making three substitutions straight away? It was always going to be this way. People were always doing this in tournaments, just bypassing the requirements by making substitions. And the chemistry doesn't seem to be affected as much as it should be.


tl;dr: EA never seem to learn from past mistakes and should make the tournament requirements so that they can't get abused by making substitutions.


Comment:Will EA ever learn? FIFA Tournaments