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XBOX ONE Unique Quality Recruitment of FIFA Players



We’re Unique Quality and we are a newly formed team on pro clubs. Previously we had a very successful team known as Supreme Football that got too both 2nd and 4th on the leaderboards respectively. But we’re looking to expand the team and have started a new club to get a better record and better players hoping to grown into a very good team just like what we did last time. We’re hoping to have a squad of 18 players eventually giving us a decent squad allowing us to play every evening and sometimes during the day.


Current Record: 105-20-10


We don’t tend to lose many games, because we have a good core of players but obviously need more to get us playing more regularly and boost our team selection. We’ve had a few disconnects and dodgy defeats and have lost about half of our total losses fairly but still it’s a good and respectable record. We’re recruiting in a range of positions but you have to be really good to get into our team.


How does it work?


Well if you’re interested in joining send me a message, and I will reply asking a few questions to find out things about you and see how good you are at the game, then from there I’ll give you a trial and I’ll be able to tell after a few games if you’re good enough or not, and I’ll give you a fair shot just like I do with everyone. If you’re trial is successful I will ask you to join FT and commit to the club by changing you’re Gamertag, which is required to be done to join the team on a full time basis.


Position’s Required…


Okay, so we’re recruiting in various positions around the pitch which does include;


Centre Backs


Well this is proving a spot that is hard to fill. We’d like our CB’s to be high rated and experience at watching the through balls both on the floor and over the top. Another thing that is a pain is defenders who feel the need to slide tackle in the box or pull an opponent’s shirt it really isn’t necessary. Again, defenders who don’t dive in and commit to a slide tackle when they can stay on their feet and deal with it that way is much more beneficial to a team and of course you must be fairly good at keeping the ball and passing it around.


Full/Wing Backs (Both LB & RB)


We’re realistically looking for some solid defensive full backs to add width and stop the opposition crossing as that’s the main thing teams like to do against us is to run down the wing and cross the ball in. We’d like them to be experienced, use the Giant Throw-In trait and be solid enough alongside our CB’s. One final thing is require the full backs to overlap from time to time but at the same time they must know when it is right to do so and if not then know where they need to be positioned to avoid us being countered.


Centre Attacking Midfielders


Possible one of the most important areas on the pitch and this is a very competitive position to get within our team as we currently have a few people who can play their but looking to bring in one more player. Any player in this position must have an eye for a pass, no constant dribbling or through balls like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a case of getting things just right with the little A passes and eventually creating a goal scoring opportunity. They must be patient, especially when it comes to trying to break down the two most painful things in the game with that being a five at the back and park the bus combination which everyone hates coming up against.


Contact Gamertag: Unique Hatton


Message me, there I’m online daily and will reply through smart glass fairly quickly. If you have any questions or anything like that just give me a message and I’ll get back to you. As always, I look forward to hearing from you in the foreseeable future.


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